Visonic Curtain Detector Clip MCW

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Clip MCW
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Visonic Curtain Detector Clip MCW

CLIP MCW is a wireless curtain detector, small and elegant for installation indoors.
Easy to install, the MCW Clip uses a new Digital FM data acquisition technology.
Includes three types of programmable detection for optimizing detection for the specific location where it is installed, resulting in an improvement in the detection, eliminating false alarms.
The improved performance of this sensor is achieved by application of an improved version of the motion recognition algorithm True Motion Recognition ™ (TMR). This advanced motion analysis method allows the CLIP MCW to distinguish between the true movement of people, and any other interferences that cause false alarms.

     Very low power consumption
      Auto-temperature compensation
      Sealed chamber of the optical system protection
      Protection tamper opening.
      Rear tamper (optional)
      White light protection.
      Robust housing and elegant style.

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Clip MCW
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