Magnetic Door Window sensor VisonicMCT-320


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Magnetic Door/ window sensor VisonicMCT-320

Wireless PowerCode Miniature Door/Window Contact sensor
MCT-320 is a compact magnetic contact sensor for doors and windows, fully supervised.
Suitable forany installation,residential or commercial, is alow profiletransmitter withthe advantage ofa particularlysmall size whichallowshighly flexible andvirtually invisibleinstallation.
24-bitPowerCodeencryption.Eachidentification code israndomly selectedfrom 16million possiblecombinations, andistherefore uniqueand virtuallyimpossible to reproduceaccidentally.
A smartanti-collision algorithmpreventssimultaneous transmission ofmultiplesignal blockingdevices.Transmissionof periodicsupervision signalsto confirm thepermanent connectivityandsystem integrity.
MCT-320 is powered by along-life lithiumbattery, whichisconstantlymonitored, withautomatic reportingto the receiverwhen thebattery needs replacing.

Very small, almost invisible design
Highly profitablefor low profilefacilities
Doubletamperprotection(opening andwall)
Longtermlithium batteryincluding
LEDindicator (can be disabled).
TransmissionLow battery indication
Compatible withPowermax®home security systemsand allVisonicPowerCode; panels andwireless receivers.

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