MOTIONPROTECT-B - Pet-Friendly Two-Way PIR Detector

PIR Pet Immune up to ≤ 20 kg ≤ 50 cm
Certified Grade 2
Wireless 868 MHz
Reach open space 1700 m
Lithium battery CR123A 3.0 V (estimated duration 5 years)

€44.50 (tax incl.)
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Ajax MotionProtect detects the first step of an intruder in the protected location, but ignores pets, drafts and noise from an air conditioner.

Range up to 1,700 meters from the Ajax Hub panel in open or multi-storey buildings
Detects movement up to 12 meters away
Detects the first step of an intruder
Process signals digitally
Uses authentication for fraud protection
Inviolable body
Detectors response can be checked every 12-300 seconds (adjustable)
Interference detection, frequency hopping
Uses an encrypted connection
Adjustable at three different sensitivity levels
SmartDetect algorithm to avoid false alarms of animals weighing less than 20 kg
Eliminates false alarms of noise and electromagnetic interference using a FresnelTech optical component, made of POLY IR4 material and an Excelitas PIR sensor
Operates in most conditions due to digital temperature compensation
Bi-directional communication with Ajax Hub enables periodic testing and customization
Lithium CR123A battery with estimated life of up to 5 years

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