Lisintec Lda has its headquarters in Portuguese territory, so the guarantees are provided in accordance with Portuguese Law.

The equipment sold by LISINTEC are always accompanied by a written warranty statement containing inclusions , exclusions and procedures in case of failure . Yet here must previously consult our warranty conditions .


All equipment sold by LISINTEC , is guaranteed for 3 years from the date they were actually delivered to the customer.


During the 3 years of the warranty shall be the manufacturer's representative LISINTEC like to take all the procedures for the equipment to be repaired or replaced.


Please note that in order for the warranty to be considered , the equipment should arrive ace our facilities with appropriate seals intact , with no signs of opening or repair not performed by us earlier . Important : Do not peel stickers with serial numbers or barcodes , otherwise it will not be possible to see the history of the equipment and void the warranty.


Scope and application

Failures caused by breakdown or premature wear of components that may be attributable to a defect in design or manufacture.


To obtain warranty simply send us an email with name, address and reference of the damaged equipment and report that anomaly. In 24 to 48 hours we will contact you with instructions to send the object.


The sending of any equipment should always be made by registered mail or any other carrier that provides tracking number .


Upon receipt of the equipment, it will be analyzed by our technicians to deliver an opinion within a maximum period of 5 days. Analyze and made such being the fault covered by warranty , will procederse will repair or substitution . This whole process can take up to 30 days , counting the time from the date that equipment arrived ace our facilities .



    The following situations are automatically excluded from the warranty:


    Breakage of warranty seals,
Repairs by anyone other than LISINTEC ,
The equipments are damaged by misuse or different from that intended,
The fault has a cause mishandling,
Burnt components from voltage spikes from power supply,
Failure caused by misuse of software or software inappropriate.
Firmware upgrades other than the manufacturer's available firmware.

In most cases, the manuals provided for the installation and use of the equipment are only made up of Quick Start Guides. Complete installation manuals and equipment usage manuals may be provided on a digital media such as CD, DVD, or pdf file.

       Support and after sales assistance.

    Our after sales service and support is something we are proud of.
    If the customer requests it, and if this option is technically feasible, the equipment can be preconfigured and programmed by us before sending it to the client, so that the client can easily install his own equipment with a degree of knowledge. However, if necessary, LISINTEC will always be available to give technical support to the installation via telephone, email, or remote access (when feasible) at no additional cost.
"Technical support via telephone only available in Portuguese and English"
    Despite the aforementioned, there are some equipment on our website that require technical knowledge for its installation, and it may be necessary to install it by a specialized professional.
    Also take into account that the installation of these equipments by persons not qualified and not certified, in certain spaces can be considered infraction to the Law.


Any questions you have, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide any clarification.

Happy shopping.



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