Wireless Dual network GSM PSTN Alarm system G70F

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The excellence of an alarm system sleek and compact at an incredible price.

Compact and stylish design,
Includes all the features of a professional alarm system.
Wireless technology. The wireless technology. Whole system runs almost
independently, it is not necessary to pass cables complicated between the detectors
central and avoiding expensive works or cables in sight on the walls and ceilings.
DIY DIY alarm system, (you do it). Means that anyone can easily assemble this
alarm system without having to pay very expensive facilities. Programming is easy and intuitive.
Program this alarm system requires knowledge equivalent to those required for
handling a mobile phone.
GSM SIM card GSM. It means that this system comes equipped with GSM module.
Just insert a simple SIM card from any carrier, to make announcements,
warning alarm, sms and alarm information, etc..
In Portugal there is the advantage of existing prepaid tariff without obligatory.
Thus, there will be no monthly fee associated with it. Only pay for the calls
and sms on alarm. (See conditions of each operator so that the card is
remain active without obligatory).
This system also comes equipped with analog module position papers that
can operate with a fixed telephone line.
Also works as a phone or cellphone as it allows calls
directly from the panel.
Easy to 30 expandCom able to independent zones 116 and detectors, which may
be moving, opening the door or window, gas, flood, smoke, panic buttons,
This alarm system is quite sufficient for any housing, establishment
commercial, warehouses, car parks, etc..
It also supports up to 8 commands.
Any of these commands or detectors can easily be added or canceled
through the center of the keyboard.
Day / Night mode Three modes of arm / disarm Partial: Means that allows the deactivation of some
an installation detectors while maintaining other active regions. This is particularly useful for
when you want to arm the alarm and stay indoors. In this case all detectors
doors and windows are active and motion detectors are inactive, thus
freedom of movement within (a dwelling for example), without interfering with the
Security peripheral
self-monitorngMonitorize you even your alarm without having to pay tuition to a cental
alarms. In case of alarm, the system carries voice calls for up to 6 numbers of
phone by voice message informing of what the situation. If in alarm, which informs
the zone alarm.
Calls are made cyclically and looping. when a number does not meet during
45 seconds, automatically starts to dial the following number.
When you receive a call from the alarm system, you can: disable larme, silencing the siren
and hear what goes through a microphone high uptake in the terminal.
Can speak into the alarm and will be heard through a loudspeaker also incorporated in
central and / or re-activate the system
Send sms to report the alarm and inform which zone alarm.
You can also program a number to receive information from ongoing monitoring
SMS. In this case, whenever the system is activated or not, is sent
informative one sms to this number of monitoring.
batteryBateria backup backup Lithium battery (rechargeable by the system) with a capacity of up to
12 hours. Even though it lacks the energy or even someone cutting electric power,
the system still works at least 12 hours and inform through sms failure
energy as well as the replacement of energy.
Despite this central station monitoring system can be monitored by its owners as
mentioned earlier it has all the features of a professional alarm.
So if at any time you wish to opt to hire a monitoring service
professional can do it.
This system is fully compatible with Ademco Contact ID protocol.
The price shown is the price of a basic kit consists of the following parts:
1 Central Alarm
1 motion detector infrared
1 door/window detector
2 Commands
If you need other additional components, please contact us.
The acquisition peripherals together with the kit base has several advantages including
The previous programming of all components is carried out by us before shipment.
Save money on shipping.

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