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EL4762 gas detector for intrusion alarm iConnect 2-Way Electronics Line


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Gas Detector EL4762 2-Way

This detector detects butane, propane, and methane (natural gas).
By detecting gas accumulation, the alert detector with an audible signal 85db and informs the iConnect panel, informing the central monitoring or users that there is a gas leak.
Model: EL4762
Continuous monitoring of Natural Gas, Methane, Propane and Butane
Loud alarm (85 dB) and signal to the panel when detecting a buildup of gas
Test button and continuous self-testing function
Powered by 220VAC local mains power
Fully Supervised
Easy installation using mounting bracket
Available in 868MHz
Technical Specifications
Power supply: AC230V, ~50/60Hz
Radio Frequency: 868.65 MHz
Supervision Transmission:15 min / 65 min.
Signal Volume: 85 dB
Size (L X W X H):140 X 80 X 49 mm
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 122ºF)
Storage Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF)
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