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Chuango B11

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New alarm system CHUANGO B11 on sale for a limited time!

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New alarm system CHUANGO B11 is the evolution of two Chuango Alarm systems. The G5 and A11. This system keeps some of the features of the famous G5, yet also includes all the features of A11 and includes new features such as data communication via GPRS and the possibility of monitoring through remote monitoring centers.
See all features. Download the manual on the link at the bottom.

Key features:
LCD display with menus that allow full system programming and control.
Double communications module GSM / GPRS + PSTN (Landline)
Fully designed for easy installation (DIY)
Over 1 million code combinations for better protection
Supports 10 remote control s + 50 RFID Tags
50 zones to 50 wireless devices
Communication to 6 phone numbers + 2 numbers monitoring stations
Electric lock door function
Record messages "memo" to 10s
Recording the last 150 logs or events
Allows calls directly from panel
Code "duress" for emergencies
All zones can be edited
All RFID tags can be named
Guide voice when remotely controlled
All executable functions by APP via GSM or GPRS

Package Contents:
Panel 1 double communications module GSM/GPRS/PSTN
1 PIR Motion detector PIR-910
1 Magnetic sensor DWC-102
2 Remote controls RC-80
2 RFID Tags TAG-26
1 Power Supply
Manuals and stickers deterrent

Chuango B11 User Manual Download

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