SMD-426 PG2 Supervised Wireless PowerG Smoke Detector

SMD-426 PG2 is a photoelectric smoke detector automatic with integral audible signal for open area protection.

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SMD-426 PG2
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SMD-426 PG2 (photoelectric smoke detector) and SMD-427 PG2 (heat and photoelectric smoke detector) are automatic fire detectors with integral audible signal for open area protection, designed to sense heat or smoke (not flame) and fitted with a PowerG type transceiver.
SMD-426 PG2 / SMD-427 PG2 provides early warning of developing fire by sounding an alarm with its built-in alarm horn, and by transmitting a coded alarm signal to a PowerG receiver or to a compatible wireless alarm control panel.
SMD-427 PG2 will activate a fire alarm upon either smoke or heat condition. With two fire sensors (heat and smoke), the SMD-427 PG2 detector may shorten the time to fire alarm activation.
It must be borne in mind, though that effective pre-warning of fire accidents is only possible if the detector is located, installed and maintained as described here.
In alarm condition, the buzzer sound can be stopped for 8 minutes (UL) and 10 minutes (EN) by
pressing the TEST/MUTE switch. It will not restore the alarm condition, but will temporarily
silence the buzzer while you correct the condition. After 8 minutes (UL) and 10 minutes (EN),
the detector restarts the alarm buzzer sound.
Note: The TEST/MUTE switch functions as TEST switch (in normal operation) or as MUTE
switch (in alarm condition).
The detector can also operate as a siren to indicate a fire alarm in other areas covered by the
alarm system, or to indicate burglar alarm events, as configured through the control panel (see the
PowerMaster Installer Guide).
The tamper switch actuator (Figures 9a and 9b) is pressed against the bracket when the unit is
attached to the bracket. Removal of the unit from the bracket causes the switch contacts to open,
creating a tamper event, which is reported by the transceiver to the alarm system control panel.
Note: When the tamper switch is opened the detector becomes not ready for operation.

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SMD-426 PG2
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